Life Coaching & Counselling

Online/ Face to Face Packages Available; 

 Single Session

 Standard Package  (5 Sessions). 

Freedom Package (9 Sessions)

Prices exclude Travel to client

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Hypnotherapy & NLP

 £95.00 - Per Session

*Introductory Offer*


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Parenting Packages

One-Off Session/ Full Consultation - £135

Full Length Accredited Programmes 

(prices vary according to programme length)

(Incl. Completion Certificate & Manual)

Prices Start at:

£300 - Group Online (6 sessions)

£250 - Group (Practice / Community Site)

£0 - £1600 Private (6 Session min length)

Private Parenting Support:

£3500.50    Full Systemic Family Assessment, Support Package & Assessment

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Full Length Parenting Programme Development Starts at £2999.99 + Vat

Topic-Lead Parenting Workshop Design £1999.99 + Vat

(Developments Include USB with Powerpoint Presentation, Handouts and Practioner Notes Included for Designs)

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