Life Coaching

From the very first session you will learn about yourself, your desires, fears and goals, yet at the same time gain clarity, confidence, before we begin to create an actionable, practical plan. 

My  goal is to help you achieve yours - as you...

Build the Life You Love.


All of us- over time hold on to beliefs about ourselves.  These can be of great help or  destructive beliefs that stay within our subconscious minds.  So for us to make those really effective and long-lasting change to the unhelpful behaviours, it can be helpful to make these changes at a subconscious level.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are unique therapies that target and speak directly to the subconscious.  These are often referred to as Rapid Transformational Therapies as they create Rapid and Long-Lasting Changes.


Regardless of the issues that you are battling with- the underpinning values of NLP are that "that everyone has all the resources and knowledge that they need within themselves to resolve their problems" which as a therapist and practitioner I am a strong believer of!

Common Client Issues:

- Confidence and Self Esteem

- Stress, Anxiety and Depression

- Weight management

- Smoking Cessation

- Self Doubt and Worry

- Phobias and Fears

- Emotional Release

   and many more