My Story...

I started out my career in Business Administration and Contract Management - but after having worked in the field a few years- my passion for it changed after having a child.  Having my son introduced me to the fact that there's so much more to life.

After  took a dramatic career change and began working and training in the public and private sector for nearly 2 decades.

I began as an eager and passionate student, I fell into a pattern of finding the gaps in services and creating a niche for myself while I also quickly climbed the career ladder.

This all changed after 12 years as I extended my family. While on the one hand I was hugely passionate about my role at work- I was working long hours and found it hard to shut off at times.  At other times I battled between my work / life balance.

I realised that with having spent so much time career- focused, every other element of my life wasnt quite where I would have wished it to be.

I hadnt lost my passion for working with people! I lost the willingness to be limited when it came to really helping to make a difference to people's lives....

What was and still is important to me - is making a MEANINGFUL, and positive changes to the people I work with, so today I can proudly say, I have a work/Life Balance and I'm in no way limited when I help people to - 

Build a Life they Love... 

I take huge pride in supporting people to become more alligned with who they want to be and the life they want to live.

Certified in Life Coaching, HypnotheraNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)- often known as Rapid Transformation Therapies - I get long-lasting results fast.

I'm also a highly experienced and accredited Parenting Coach - with expertise Working with Families with High and Complex Needs- trained in a range of Accredited and Evidence-Based Parenting Programmes.

Additionally trained in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Systemic, Trauma and Solution Focused Coaching - registered therapist of the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists Register (ACCPH).

I have the joy of saying that all of my clients get to uplevel their lives, relationships and careers.


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