Do you feel like its time to get ready for the next chapter of your life?

Are you confused or unsure about the next stage and how best to move forward?

Do you need help clarifying and resetting your goals?

Are you feeling lost or disconnected, unable to focus on your purpose?

Finding that you are feeling insecure or even intimidated?

You're just a call away from being a more confident, leader of your own life. 

During this session - you will identify the specific blocks, and stories and issues that have held you back - leaving you feeling more inspired, motivated and powerful.




In just a few sessions Samantha will resolve that nagging  and negative inner voice that is stopping you from living your full life.

By silencing that voice - you will become clear on what you really want – and how to make it happen. You will step into your  inner strength - where you know and trust in yourself confidently.

Samantha will tailor a package of sessions specifically to your needs that may include NLP, Hypnotherapy, and some Coaching modalities to turn your life around.

These do not include intrusive talking about painful things, istead you will experience meaninful healing that will help you let go.

Samantha's methods's speak directly to the unconscious-mind to heal at the deepest level of your being. 




Are you feeling stuck?

Nothing in life seems to be shifting, no matter how hard you work?

Feeling as if you'rr heading in the wrong direction or making no progress?

Ready to get back into work or training - to get youself "back in the game?"

- If you're ready to turn things around- then you are in the right place


Sometimes life can bring us anger, pain, rage and hurt. This can make us feel anxious or cause us to hurt not only ourselves but those we love.  During these times it can be hard to know how to stop this happening.

You may be feeling down; as if you've lost your zest for life.  You may also have feelings of regret or shame?

Do you find relationships difficult and get triggered, over-react, wishing you didn’t?

Samantha's coaching sessions assist clients to free themselves from the burdens of the past. You will create a powerful life that is authentic to you -with fast and long-lasting results.